Dryden Park

Rockwell and Dryden Place
Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Park Hours: 5 AM- 11 PM

Dryden Park South of Rockwell and Dryden Place South of Dryden School Neighborhood Park 3.50 Acres and School 5.0 Acres Playgrounds - 2 (2-5 years 5-12 years) Tennis Courts (4 outdoor) Ball Field. Dryden is an older park in center of town in a residential neighborhood of single-family homes and is between a school and church.

Dryden is composed of several parcels acquired over a 50-year period. Summer outdoor tennis lessons are held on the tennis courts. Mature landscaping.

Ball Field, Outdoor Tennis Courts, Park, Parking Lot, Playground 5-12, Seating Area, Shared Use, Tot Lot 2-5

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