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Mark Bostrom, Personal Trainer
126 East Wing Street #220
Arlington Heights, IL 60004

Telephone: 847-253-2856
E-Mail: workoutinfo@aol.com

Advanced degree with Master of Science in Exercise Physiology and certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Northwest Suburban Chicago. Call or e-mail for appointments and availability.

Advanced Degree/Master of Science
20 years experience
Medical background (former paramedic)
Computer records and data gathering



The proper technique, the proper speed, the proper way.

Repetition and practice are necessary experiences. The body adapts favorably to physical training.

After a few days, a few weeks, and a few months; you evaluate your adaptation to physical training. You can do something to upgrade your physical performance, but you need to listen to your body as much as your trainer to determine if you are advancing without injury or overuse.

Scientific approach to Human Performance in sports, work, recreation and daily activities.

Workout Phases. Personal touch guides you to exercise at your current physical condition. Workouts are offered in phases to match your physical fitness and goals. Phases include the following:

Corrective exercises to help correct postural problems and muscle imbalances that could otherwise cause injuries.

Stability and flexibility exercises to help develop muscles that optimize joint range of motion and stabilize the body's core -- the spine and abdominal muscles -- the basis of all other activity of the body.

Muscular development exercises for body shaping and weight management.

Muscular strength exercises to improve physical strength.

Power exercises to develop power in athletics.

Cardiovascular exercises to develop endurance for athletics or help with weight management.

Goals are evaluated and documented.

Exercises are documented for accountability. Exercise Reports database helps trainer select from thousands of exercises you can use in a health club, fitness center, at home, on vacation and outdoors. 

Energy balance documents activity and food intake.

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